Ordering Support.

If you are having trouble ordering the ION FreshStart Advanced Business Planning kit, please email, stating the nature of your problem and your contact details. We’ll quickly get back to you. We are available via email, Skype (instant message or Skype phone), or telephone. If you need to speak with us, please use the telephone number provided in the receipt that was emailed to you upon your purchase. Our customer support is available to anyone who has purchased any version of our product. Additional contact details are here.

Customer Service:

Email: Skype: ionfreshstart Phone: please use the phone number provided in your order receipt

Product Support.

If you are having difficulty opening or using the Advanced Business Planning files, please email Please include: a detailed account of the problem, as well as the specification of your computer, and the version of software you are using (such as 2009 iMac, iWork 08, etc). If you do not know the specification of your computer or software, don’t worry and please email us anyway.

Not a customer but you have questions about Advanced Business Planning or ION FreshStart?

Email: Skype: ionfreshstart